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Teak wood is popular for its strength, durability and water resistance. And when all the desirable features of brown richness combine with the unique, hand–crafted design and warm lighting, what you get is our assortment of the beautifully distinctive Teak Wood Lamps. At Nevina Authentic Lifestyle, we strive to amalgamate oriental, handmade décor with modern lights to give your space a cosmopolitan loft while maintaining the traditional ambiance. Whether you need table lighting equipment in your hallways, bedroom, dining room, living room, yoga room or office, our unique hand–crafted collection of teak wood lamps is a perfect choice to brighten up your home or office space. Spruce up the ambiance with the soft glow of wall lights and intricate designs of our floor lamps, exclusively carved for you. Each lamp in this collection is individually hand–crafted, so you get a piece of lighting equipment that’s absolutely unique.