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Candles are a great way to add a calming effect to your living and dining room but the impact multiplies when you invest in an exquisite candle holder. So why not infuse some richness and serenity to your tablespace with our exclusive range of hand–carved Candle Holders ?. At Nevina Authentic Lifestyle, we offer candle holders that not only keep your candles in place but also add a traditional decorative accent along with creating a peaceful and luxurious touch to your home décor. Available in shades of black with a golden tinge, the exclusive hand–crafted candle holders create an elegant addition to your dining room or bedroom. If you are looking for something extraordinary that aligns with your modern home décor and adds a traditional touch to your surroundings, then our range of candle holders are what you need. These exemplary candle holders sparkle under the flame of your favorite candles. But that’s not all. They look refined as a piece of décor for your table and book shelf.