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There is absolutely nothing like coming into a living room where you are welcomed by the warm personality of a unique, Oriental Table Lamp. A well–chosen, handmade table lamp can transform and inspire your entire room’s décor and design, also upgrades the room’s energy and dynamics. And the best part is that most table lamps are portable, so whether you want to brighten up your bedroom or your living room, the lamp is just around the corner. Our assortment of table lamps includes a collection inspired by Buddha art for a contemporary space. Our collection of table lamps are a high–class combination of wood and metal that’s inspired by nature and Buddha art for a rustic–chic appeal. Our versatile collection of table lamps have several uses, from bedside reading to graceful buffet lighting and task lighting at your work desk. And the range is not just functional but also meets your decorative needs. Enjoy our table lamp collection that defines your style !.