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Are you a night owl who loves the company of great books ?. Are you looking for a lighting glow that can brighten up the dark and murky corners of your room ?. Our Bedside Lamps collection is what you need. It’s simple, unique and is a perfect blend of style and traditional home décor. At Nevina Authentic Lifestyle, you don’t only get what you need for lighting up your room but a little extra. You get an opportunity to illuminate your room with home décor and lighting designs that are inspired by nature and Buddha art. Made from a natural material, this hand–crafted lighting equipment can be a perfect piece of décor to enhance your bedroom’s appeal while brightening it up when you need it the most. Highlighting unique hand–crafted designs and artistic décor and the ones inspired by Buddha art, find the one that best suits your bedroom lights. Or go for a nature–inspired odd one out. Our bedside lamps collection will surely surprise you.